+ Club releases occur 3 times a year Spring / Summer / Fall

+ Each release includes a selection of 4 bottles.

+ You may exchange exchange bottles from your selected release for one of your choosing during the first 3 weeks of the release period.


+ Releases can be shipped to OR or CA. Contact the tasting room in the event that you would like your release shipped.


+ Automatic newsletter updates with upcoming events and exclusive releases.


+ Enjoy a 15% discount on list wine year round, as well as a 20% discount on purchases of 12 or more bottles.

+ Receive a custom labeled Sarver wine tote.


+ Exclusive access to Sarver library wines.

+ Minimum 1-year membership requirement.

Older Vintages?

We have a variety of aged vintages in our wine cellar. Members have exclusive access to older wines and first access to new releases.