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Take a sip of the wine and then play the sound signature. Each sound lasts just as long as the taste of one sip, and captures the pure emotion of each wine from beginning to end, creating a completely new sensory experience.

Vinisthesia Business Card - Front.jpeg

2021 Estate Pinot Noir

2017 Estate Riesling

2019 Syrah

2023 Pinot Noir Rosé

2022 Malbec

About the Artist

Growing up in the heart of Oregon wine country, musician Forest Mountain Lion found he could hear wines, the wine’s complex character translating intuitively to the piano’s notes and chords: Rushing highs, trembling lows, and the tension of consonance, dissonance, and rhythm at the heart of a good wine’s originality. Thus, Vinisthesia was born, from the Italian word vinis, meaning wines, and the rare phenomenon of synesthesia, where two or more of the five senses meld into one.


Take a sip of each wine and press play to hear the wine's sound signature, which lasts just as long as the taste of one sip.

Hear more of Forest Mountain Lion's music or visit and see all of the wineries offering this new sensory experience. Look for more sound signatures and sign up to be the first to hear about live Vinisthesia experiences at Sarver coming soon.

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