A La Carte Menu

(All items listed below garnished with fruit and olives)

 Fresh Baked Baguette     small basket $2   large basket $3.25

Gluten free crackers  $3               

  Add two shortbreads (chocolate dipped or original) $2.00

            Add 2 oz. Chocolate bark $4.00


Cheeses of the week –  different artisan cheeses every week, ask your server for this weeks selections –$7.50

Yancy’s Fancy XXX sharp cheddar -New York style cheddar aged 18 mo. –$5.50

Roblevilla 6-month aged Manchego   -mild, raw sheep’s milk, La Mancha Spain – $5.50

Grand Noir Blue– robust, creamy and complex, cave aged for 90 days  –$6

Cheeseland Double Cream Gouda– silky and mild, Holland –$5.50

Bergenost – Triple Cream Havarti/Muenster style cheese, round and mellow – $6

Irish smoked cheddar- Oak smoked mild cheddar –  $5.25

Petite Truffle Brie – Marin county cheese makers, famous petites, black truffle – $6.50

Other Delectable’s

          Gipsy Salami– hardwood smoked, piquant without being too spicy –$6

            Wild Boar Salami – Apple wood smoked, cured in with a unique spice blend and Sangiovese wine – $6.50

Finocchiona salami – Traditional Italian Salami aged and infused with fennel – $6

Duck Liver Mousse with Cognac –  Creamy  spreadable texture, with herbs and spices, and a touch of Cognac. Naturally Gluten Free! – $6

Sunflower Seed Pâté – Whipped sunflower seeds with garlic and parsley -$4

Garlic & Olive Tapenade – Kalamata olives, garlic, and herbs, perfect with our fresh baguette –$3.75

Lemon Artichoke Pesto – Can be used as a spread, dip or topping to your favorite item on our menu, not recommended on the chocolate bark –$3.75

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto – Delicious vegan spread, made with garlic and walnuts – $3.75

Sarver Chocolate Bar – loaded with toasted pumpkin seeds, sea salt and cherries  –$8

            Le Café Maison shortbreads – Original and chocolate dipped-$1.00/ea

Additional Beverages

Beer on Tap…. Ask your server for today’s selection, but its probably an IPA-$5

           Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider (non alcoholic, but loaded with plenty of sugar for the kiddos)– $2.50

San Pellegrino –Rotating flavors $2.50

Perrier – Sparkling water – $2.50