A La Carte Menu

(All items listed below garnished with fruit and olives)

 Fresh Baked Baguette     small basket 1.75   large basket 3.00

Gluten free crackers  2.50               

  Add two shortbreads (chocolate dipped or original) 2.00

            Add 1 oz. Chocolate bark 2.00


Cheeses of the week –  different artisan cheeses every week, ask your server for this weeks selections -7.50

Yancy’s Fancy XXX sharp cheddar -New York style cheddar aged 18 mo. -5.50

Roblevilla 3-month aged Manchego   -mild, raw sheep’s milk, La Mancha Spain – 5.50

Rouge Creamery Oregon Blue– robust, creamy and complex, cave aged for 90 days  -6.00

Cheeseland Double Cream Gouda– silky and mild, Holland -5.50

  Couterier Chevre-lovely and soft herb cheese made from goat’s milk -5.50

Tillamook smoked cheddar- smoked mild cheddar with peppercorns 5.25

Sottocenere al tartufo – Sottocenere (meaning “under ash”) is originally from Venice, Italy, and is made with raw cow’s milk and slices of truffles, then rubbed with various herbs and spices. It is aged in an ash rind as a way to preserve it over a long period without losing flavor, a tradition in the Venetian region 7.50

Other Delectable’s

            Freybe Gipsy Salami– hardwood smoked, piquant without being too spicy -6.00

            Wild Boar Salami – Apple wood smoked, cured in with a unique spice blend and Sangiovese wine -6.50

Finocchiona salami – Traditional Italian Salami aged and infused with fennel – 6.00

Duck Liver Mousse with Cognac –  Creamy  spreadable texture, with herbs and spices, and a touch of Cognac. Naturally Gluten Free! – 6.00

Garlic & Olive Tapenade – Kalamata olives, garlic, and herbs, perfect with our fresh baguette -3.75

Lemon Artichoke Pesto – Can be used as a spread, dip or topping to your favorite item on our menu, not recommended on the chocolate bark – 3.75

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto – Delicious vegan spread, made with garlic and walnuts – 3.75

Chocolate Bark – loaded with cashews, cherries & blueberries -6.00/3oz.

            Le Café Maison shortbreads – Original and chocolate dipped-1.00/ea

Additional Beverages

Beer on Tap…. Ask your server for today’s selection -$5

           Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider (non alcoholic)– $2.50

San Pellegrino – Aranciata Rossa or Limonata – $2.50