The Sarvers

Chris and I packed up our newborn, bid our loved ones farewell, climbed into our over-loaded pickup and began our adventure across country to our new home, Elhanan Vineyard, nestled in the South Willamette Valley. It was winter 2008. We left our small brewpub on the shores of Lake Superior in the capable hands of some really good people and got busy farming and child rearing in Eugene, Oregon!

Chris, his father, and brother had been making wine in their home in Pinckney, Michigan for years. With backgrounds in engineering, winemaking was much more than a hobby, and they made beautiful homemade wines. Our shared passion for wine led us to seek out the perfect vineyard and location where we could begin a new chapter in our lives. When we came out to meet the McKinneys and visit their vineyard, we knew it was meant to be.

During the past ten years we’ve pruned vines, raised catch wires, shoot thinned, chased birds, leaf-pulled, maintained tractors, prayed for sunshine, and finally, made wine! We spent last winter remodeling the little wood shop next to the house and turned it into a cottage tasting room. Whew, what a ride it has been!

We are excited to welcome you to our family-owned establishment, pour you our wines, and show you the place that we fell in love with at first sight.



The Sarvers